Wake up Call

How important is it to know who you are


We are born with our history that we can do nothing about but we are given the opportunity to shape our future, our past limiting us while our future calling us. Amid the push and pull a new history is written for the coming generations. How we learn from our ancestor’s success and failures is what determines the direction of our history. But if we choose to ignore it, we cannot and shall not learn nor will we be able to truly understand the roots of our dilemmas.

How important is it to know who you are and where you are from, to identify yourself. If you choose to ignore your history you might never truly know. What I observed around me during the past few weeks of political revolution or turmoil as some may call it is that our generation has come to a point where they are trying to find out who they were, what they are and what they are capable of which is a great thing for it is only those who question who will actually learn. The doors to your freedom of speech and thought opens from within so release and free yourself from ignorance and let the light of knowledge penetrate you. As it has been obvious lately that the Youth of our country  is actively taking interest in its current state and doing their part whichever they consider is right, reflecting that we are finally coming out of the darkness we let the oppressors push us into.  Politics has been a stigma for our generation for a while now, but this dark curtain of stigma pulled down to isolate the people from knowing their rights is being lifted slowly. Although sadly there are still some of us who are politically atheists , they have no interest in politics whatsoever .These are the people who need to realize that without our own interest in ourselves  no one else will pay any attention to us, that only we can undo what has been done to us in the past.

To have an opinion is of utmost importance because that is where we decide what is right and what is wrong for us. Without an opinion we are just puppets to those in control, doing their bidding and having no life of our own. What we do is that we create a false illusion of thinking that we are free when in reality this particular thought being fed to us is an act of enslavement in itself. Only when we personally realize what we must do to release ourselves from our dilemmas will we actually free ourselves.  Every single one of us should stand up for what they consider right or wrong and speak up their minds. We have to take an interest in politics because it effects our life on daily basis, shapes our environment today and for the future. In order to create an environment where what we believe is considered a worthy opinion, we should stand up for it our own selves.

Learn about your history! Know your facts! And investigate what you doubt. Know your rights and never let anyone snatch away your voice, only then will you get what you rightfully deserve. Don’t let anything intimidate you into muffling your voice. You are important! Every single one of us is important! Together we can change our nation into a great nation that we hope to pass on to our generations. Nations are broken and made by their people. Was it not for this country, we would be a minority oppressed and ruled over brutally and our rights taken away. We owe it to this land to stand up to save it from greedy hands and selfish motives, for us today and for our coming generations. Let us now break our silence and know our rights and scream it out loud that we won’t be kept in dark anymore. A political activist, Eldridge cleaver, once said “There is no calamity which a great nation can invite which equals that which follows a supine submission to wrong and injustice and the consequent loss of national self-respect and honor, beneath which are shielded and defended a people’s safety and greatness”.


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