Welcorp Pakistan: Creating Healthier Workplaces

The workplace wellness pro-grams offered by Welcorp focus on healthy lifestyle choices and prevention of dis-eases and injuries.


Thriving companies rely on healthy, motivated employees who are productive and who have a sense of well-being. In reality, life is not always as simple as that, and employees have to deal with illnesses, traumas, stresses and unbalanced lifestyles. Globally, corporations have been taking this issue very seriously and giving it as much focus as any other strategic business development, but unfortunately in Pakistan it is still relatively a new concept. Welcorp is the first company of its kind in Pakistan that is providing a 360 degrees solution for corporate wellness.

Welcorp provides tools to heighten the efficiency of workforces such as consultancy services, cafeteria “nutrition” makeover services, wellness communication strategy, employee contests and challenges, interactive seminars and school health initiatives.

Welcorp offers a number of wellness programs which can be customized as per each organization’s own needs. By implementing a wellness program, an organization not only cuts down on future healthcare expenses but it also results in a marked im-provement in the overall efficiency of the employees.

Organizations that benefit from Welcorp’s services include multinationals, pharma-ceuticals, telecommunications, financial institutions, oil marketing companies, power generating companies, NGO’s, educational institutions, manufacturing plants, gov-ernment and semi-government institutions. Welcorp’s client list boasts of high pro-file names such as HBL Pakistan, Engro Corp and Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL).

Speaking about the idea behind Welcorp, its founder Dr Sarwat explains, “We need to realize that “The Workplace” is the future of Health & Wellness. Welcorp recognizes the potential in making a difference to the lives of corporate employees by creating meaningful small changes, in health and wellness. These small changes are the easiest to maintain and are more sustainable compared to crash diets and “militarization” of exercise through Bootcamps”.


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