Who Appears in Tesla Motors Commercials and Why it is Important

In most commercials made by Tesla Motors, the voice of the great Nikola Tesla is featured. Nikola Tesla was the innovator given tribute by the company and who the company is named after. The speech that Nikola gave when he invented the motor is the one used to show that Tesla Motors is willing and ready to make the advancements that were predicted from inception by the great Tesla.

The commercials also feature actors who seem to be carrying heavy burdens and the broken down cars. The barrels of oil and the pipes for siphoning the oil appear to be heavy and very stressful. However, by coming to the new Tesla car, they do not seem to care anymore for the pipes and barrels which they gladly abandon when they see the car. These actors, who are not well known, manage to bring out the essence of convenience and improved change for Tesla Motors to facilitate the company’s future advancements.

Comparison of the Company’s National Strategy to its International Strategy

Due to the diversity in culture and practices found in the global market, Tesla has come up with ways to effectively market their products. For example, in most of the Caribbean and African countries, the face-to-face traditional method is favored and considered the most suitable. Through the extensive research that is done by essayrepublic.com company, the organization can come up with effective marketing that is appropriate for each particular country targeted. Since the poverty levels, for example, in the third world countries are extremely high, the most comfortable car to sell would be the Model S car. Subsequently, the car that is most advertised is the Model S. As a result, the marketing strategies used, just like in the United States, are the loyalty program. The loyalty program provides the test drive program where the drivers are given the opportunity to test drive the new cars to get the feel of the new cars. In this regard, the program is similar to the marketing done in the United States.

Another marketing strategy that is similar to the national strategy is showing the affordability of the cars. They give the customer the value of the car by first looking at the price of the car itself. They then look at the amount of fuel that the car can consume and how it compares to other cars in the market.

In a country like Jamaica, Tesla Motors has used advertisements such as the televisions and newspapers which are contrary to the other methods done in the national market (Birk 44). Another difference is the collaborations with the local dealers and co-branding with already existent car dealers. Co-branding reduces the pressure that is always present with the introduction of new products and new brands not trusted by the traditional consumer.

The method of distribution in the international market is through the third party trader. The third party gets a commission for every car they sell because the company has not yet built its stores in the other countries.

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