Women Victimization in the Islamic Republic


The woman is a mother, a sister, a wife and the God Almighty prescribed that the rights of men and women both are same. We live in the mighty Islamic republic of Pakistan and the poignant news about women being tortured, brutally murdered with bricks, gang raped gave us goose bumps every time we watched them. Cruelty against women has been age-old phenomenon, where women have been subjected to brutality and inexplicable exploitation for one reason or the other. In the male-dominated world, she has been treated not better than a commodity, a mere puppet in the hands of her so-called protector, be in the form of father, brother or subsequently her husband for the rest of her life. Her position has been reduced next to nothing to the extent that she cannot take a decision of her own. By virtue of this pathetic plight, she has been enduring cruelty meted out with her at the hands of her husband and his relatives as well.

Woman is someone who bared you in her womb for about nine months, who taught you how to walk, how to talk, how to respect, who was compassionate when you were at your worst and you are excruciating her in such a way that she’s a living dead now? Not only the religion Islam but all other religions preach their followers that she is a human being too with as many emotions as you possess and she must not be penalized for being a woman. She is a creature to be loved and respected, she got feelings like you do and she is sensitive than you both mentally and physically.

Why don’t we take all our frustration out on someone who carries as much strength as we do? We of course won’t because we know we will fail and regret. I have gone through different news stories like a woman being stoned till death while she was pregnant already, an eleven year old was raped twice in ten days by her teacher, a mother of two children kidnapped and raped several times on gun point and then got her head shaved viciously and the irony is that the police officers didn’t write her complain but terrified her in return because the rapists possess power.

This is a the high time when we must think about humanity and justice and I request the authorities to take some major yet strict actions against all of these criminals and make them a symbol that no one would ever even think about doing these inhuman crimes.


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