Wonder If I grew Up Too Fast

Friends all together chatting away in a dorm room at 3 am, not a single worry or a fear about the world

I wonder if I grew up too fast

Being nostalgic, living each second as if its your last

I wonder if I grew up too fast

Chasing after each other in the corridors, then beating up one another after getting caught, laughing their heads off at a simple joke

I wonder if I grew up too fast

Sleeping over in each other’s rooms, munching on each other’s food, watching movies till their eyes give out.

I wonder if I grew up too fast.

Dressing up to go out for lunch, taking pictures of each second, go on and preserve the moments

who knows something might make you grow up too fast.

Thinking over these past years, the struggles and the fears, the happiness and sadness, the fights and the accidents

all is past way back long, its not coming along

all that will remain are the memories, but I guess I had my own theories.

Looking back I want to relive each moment, as if every moment were its last.

I wonder if I grew up too fast.

Always hid in my shell, rushed at the call of the bell.

Concerned about never missing a class, as if I were to take care of a glass.

In the end  i lost those moments, but I am trying to make up for the moments.

But time once gone never comes back, I wish I had someone who had my back.

Going down the memory lane, things are wilder than I can tame.

Making fun of people acting stupid, I wish I too had got hit by cupid.

What’s gone is gone it never comes back, now I’m headed on with my bags all packed.

I wonder if I grew up too fast.

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