Wrong Priorities

The Council of Islamic Ideology Priorities


The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Chairman Maulana Mohammad Khan Sheerani said that a Muslim woman cannot object to her husband’s second or subsequent marriages.

It seems that the Council has an obsession with marriage laws, as it was the fourth meeting this year to discuss this particular matter.

Also, in May the CII had issued a statement that endorsed child marriage. So when an official body makes such questionable pronouncements, even in an advisory capacity, it conveys the negative message to the society, which is in every way male-dominated.

Like so many other state institutions, the CII seems to have misplaced priorities. The Council hardly addresses any important and serious issues – such as lack of ethical values in our society, importance of honesty, justice, brotherhood, tolerance, mercy, forgiveness and hard work in Islam, or the brutal killing on the basis of religious ideology, background and sect.

Hence, CII should set their priorities and address those issues which would cause a positive impact on the society and contribute to national development.


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